3 types of therapy
3 Types Of Therapy You Can Try Today For Substance Use Disorder There are many stereotypes about therapy and counseling. When you think about drug and alcohol treatment, you might picture yourself facing a therapist on an opposing couch, or sharing your worries and concerns in […]
benefits of being sober
The Benefits Of Being Sober You Should Know About There’s an outdated idea that getting sober means giving something up — saying goodbye to partying, excitement, fun, and excitement. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. When you give up drugs and alcohol, you’re opening […]
Improving Self Esteem
Improving Self Esteem It is not unusual for people in treatment for addiction to describe feeling like they never belonged, how they never fit in or how they always felt ‘less than’ other people around them. For anyone who felt that way growing up, using substances […]
Active Recovery
Being Active In Recovery The people you surround yourself with may influence your recovery or hasten a relapse. The people that surround you are a reflection of yourself. When you leave treatment, you are no longer the person you once were, but are instead a brand […]
Address Core Issues
Why You Must Address Your Core Issues The average approach to substance abuse treatment for the past several decades has been a crash course on the 12 steps. There is no doubt that the 12 steps provided a much needed solution to issues related to alcoholism, […]
Outpatient Treatment Helps Chronic Relapse
How Outpatient Treatment & Sober Living Help The Chronic Relapser Treatment facility professionals will usually discuss with patients and their families, the need for outpatient treatment.  You may have heard the terms extended treatment or sober living after completing the initial detox portion of a program.  […]
Sober Living
Why Choose A Sober Living Facility? While many may be familiar with the detox and initial stage of the recovery treatment process.  A phase which sees people receiving extensive psychotherapy and counseling, participating in group activities and learning important life skills that help form a foundation […]
Can Life be Fun WITHOUT Alcohol or Drugs Sober Living
Can Life be Fun WITHOUT Alcohol or Drugs?   It’s True, Believe It Or Not Getting and staying sober can be an intense journey as you process new and better ways to live without alcohol. For all your hard work, it’s also important to preserve a […]