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Our Case Managers are responsible for Treatment Coordination working directly with all members of the Treatment Team the client and their families to execute the appropriate Treatment Plan. Whether a client is simply coming in for a Detox and heading back to work and home accompanied by an Intensive Track 1-On-1 Counselor or going through several months of Treatment with us, our Case Managers design our client’s schedule, travel and provides a central location for all parties involved to access information about the Treatment Plan, activities and most importantly if the client’s goals are being reached.

Private Pay and Health Insurance billing is another job of our Case Managers and our clients appreciate being able to access this information fast and easy. We try to fit as much recovery and fun in as possible in a limited amount of time. The goal at our Huntington Beach Rehabs is to get you back to your life with all the tools necessary to keep your new sobriety and begin to live again.

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Whether you are with us for a few weeks or a few months our Case Manager’s job is to help our clients get the most out of their time with us and keep everyone on the same page. Many traditional Treatment Providers in the past would simply work with their clients for 30, 60 or 90 days and essentially wish them luck once discharged. We’ll stick with you until you’re sure you’re ready and not a moment before.

Finally, once our clients have transitioned home, Finish Line Recovery® offers after care plans up to the first full year of sobriety and our Case Managers along with our client’s Intensive Track Sober Advisor work with our clients and their loved ones.