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Methamphetamine Addiction (“Meth”)

What makes Methamphetamine popular is that it acts fast on the system. This makes it very suitable as a party drug. Groups of youngsters are found using methamphetamine and crystal meth in parties and in nightclubs.

This is where the biggest popularity of the substance lies.

But it also carries a risk. Meth is known to have a slight aphrodisiacal effect. When groups of people consume it collectively, this aphrodisiac-al effect can invite them to participate in sexual activities.

Unsafe sex can lead to several complications in the users. The risk of infections such as AIDS cannot be refuted either. In fact, the AIDS infection is quite high in places where Meth is available in ready supply and Methamphetamine addiction becomes a common outcome from continued use.

meth addiction treatment

Meth Abuse

Meth is not a substance that is used singly. The high euphoria of the substance is best experienced only in parties and raves. This increases the quantum of usage of methamphetamine and also increases the feel-good factor that people associate temporarily when they use the substance. Also, because groups of people are using it together, there’s a sense of recklessness among the users of this substance.

It is important to see how these substances come into the mainland of the US. The primary source is illegal trafficking. Mexico is considered a haven for Methamphetamine production, and it is the richest source of supply of the drug. There are various outlaw motorcycling groups and other illegal traffickers bringing the drug into the mainland through the highways. Despite the presence of various highway interdiction points, much pure Methamphetamine from Mexico makes its headway into various American states.

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Signs and Symptoms

Just like cocaine, Methamphetamine or Meth addiction has elaborate signs and symptoms that point towards its addiction. They include but are not limited to the following:


  • Decreased fatigue and increased attention
  • Increase talkativeness
  • Increased respiration
  • Rushes and euphoria
  • Increased activity and wakefulness
  • Rapid and irregular heartbeat

How to know about Meth addiction

Several warning signs can be used to tell whether someone has been addicted to this substance. The main pointer perhaps lies in the person’s physical appearance and from which several clues can always be picked. They include

Skin picking – meth addicts will obsessively pick their skins, leaving marks like those of extreme cases of acne.

Tooth decay – the addicts, are likely to experience serious tooth decay or sometimes tooth loss – a phenomenon known as meth tooth.

Hair loss – Meth depletes some of the essential nutrients causing serious deficiencies leading to hair loss.

Skin crawling – meth addicts may also sometimes complain of formication, a condition in which the addict’s skin crawls.

Meth addiction can be lethal if ignored. Therefore, the addicts must receive the necessary treatment as soon as possible since when given time, it can run out of hand and cause more suffering to the patient.





How Long Does Methamphetamine Stay in your System?

Methamphetamine (MAMP), ordinarily known as “meth,” is a bootleg Schedule II controlled-substance. It’s usually used recreationally for a range of reasons like to; attain a short lived state of elation, enhance sexual experiences, promote wakefulness, boost motivation, and/or bolster mental acuity. The gratifying expertise related to Meth usage comes primarily from will increase in dopamine concentrations among the brain.

Though dopamine will increase stemming from Meth usage might yield favorable euphoric effects, typically dopamine levels increase too much; leading to unwanted effects. Excessive or high levels caused by Meth usage might provoke: agitation, anxiety, delusions, hallucinations, mood swings, and violence. Abuse of Meth might even trigger a condition referred to as “stimulant psychosis” during which a user includes a psychotic break.

Scientific research reveals that Meth may be a potent neuro biotoxin, capable of killing brain cells and damaging numerous structures among the brain. Despite knowing the injurious effects of Meth intake, many folks are unable to prevent victimization as a result of their addiction; in the end, it’s one in all the foremost addictive substances in the world.

It is reported that the elimination half-life of methamphetamine runs between 10 and 12 hours. This means that it could take up to 12 hours for half of the drug to get purged from your system. Could be longer if you are an infrequent user like once or twice a week. When considering the elimination half-life, it becomes apparent that methamphetamine may be present in your system for almost 3 days (2.75 to be exact) following your most recent ingestion.

Frequent users have noted that after a couple months of current use, they started having circulatory issues. Cold feet begin to tingle like pins and needles sensation. This feeling comes and goes. Some have reported gallbladder issues with accompanied severe abdomen pain. All these symptoms are also reported by users of prescription Adderall. Continue use at your own risk.

meth detox

Meth Detox

Methamphetamine detoxification is sometimes very difficult. The side effects of meth use are profound and usually worsen with the onset of sleep deprivation. Continuous meth use increases the likelihood of experiencing insomnia which increases the likelihood of experiencing paranoia and hallucinosis.

Crystal meth users in the early stages of meth addiction generally have lower toxicity levels and can usually detoxify with normal protocol.

The first treatment in meth detox systems is the Rehydration system. Rehydration system includes specific electrolyte replenishment techniques. Rehydration helps combat withdrawal symptoms allowing the central nervous system to recover and return to working as it should.

Another anomaly with meth users is the ability to go days on end without ingesting a single calorie. Meth induced anorexia causes extreme malnutrition. We use a low residue diet along with a series of vitamins and mineral systems to help our clients regain a nutrient stable state.

Psychosis Detox

When a methamphetamine addict arrives at the Detox Center we have to make a quick assessment to see if they are having difficulty discerning reality. Often times if a meth user has been up for days which can lead to hallucinations and extreme paranoia. This is the definition of a psychosis meth detox.

Meth Withdrawal

The half-life for methamphetamine is longer than most illicit narcotics and that means that the emotional ups and downs are more extreme and last longer than most illicit narcotic withdrawals.

The riskiest time in detox for a Crystal Meth addict is around day 7. That’s when the last molecule of meth is leaving the body and the brain sets off many signals to re-up the supply of methamphetamine. This is when a meth addict’s withdrawal fight and flight mechanism gets activated. This is usually followed by heightened anxiety and bursts of anger. It helps immensely if the meth user is in detox during days 7 thru 10 to help overcome fight and flight mechanisms as well as obsessive thoughts and drug cravings.

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We use every available means at our disposal to ensure that our clients successfully manage Meth detox and withdrawal. It is our belief that meth detox is the first step in recovery and should be followed up with a residential crystal meth treatment program for an extended period of time.