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UMR is a third-party administrator (TPA) for United Healthcare and certain employers. Third-party administrators manage your insurance benefits package, pay for services, and process claims. A variety of health issues are covered under your UMR benefits, including alcohol and drug rehab treatment.

Would you like to get addiction treatment through UMR health insurance? The decision to seek help for your addiction may have taken you a few years to make. In order to pay for drug treatment, you have decided to go to drug rehab, and you wonder what role UMR will play.

While UMR is not an insurance company, it still forms an excellent part of the benefits provided by your employer, and UMR may be able to provide you with assistance with drug rehab.

Is Addiction Treatment Necessary?

Depending on where you look online, there may be conflicting information on whether rehab is necessary to recover from addiction. Several well-known websites advocate against the necessity of rehab. The American Journal of Public Health, however, has conducted two surveys that suggest it is.

Researchers found that most people who attempted to recover from alcoholism without treatment did not succeed. Any person who needs to recover from drug addiction would likely find the same to be true.

This country faces serious problems related to alcohol and drug abuse. When you are working towards recovery, it is helpful to know that you are not alone. Attending rehab and getting professional treatment offers that benefit as well.

UMR's role in your Drug Rehab Benefits

UMR is not your health insurance company; rather, it is a company that your employer has hired to ensure that your claims are processed correctly. UMR should be your first choice when it comes to drug rehab because of this. Because of the Affordable Care Act, everyone qualifies for drug rehab benefits, so you will not be turned down.


Does UMR Insurance Cover Rehab?

Some people worry that UMR will not reimburse them if they need a specific type of drug rehab, which is not true. If you are suffering from an addiction, you can find any type of treatment you need, including:

UMR assists you in ensuring your insurance covers drug rehab, no matter what type of substance abuse treatment you need.

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UMR Coverage

UMR does not offer coverage directly because it is not an insurance company. UMR’s third-party network includes over 3,000 health care providers.

A special focus of UMR is on expanding the range of mental health opportunities available to clients, including rehabilitation for drug and alcohol abuse. The UMR acknowledges the benefits of rehabilitation and encourages providers to provide fair reimbursement. Contact your insurance provider for more information about coverage.

You may have varying levels of coverage depending on the state in which you reside, the network of the facility, the length of your stay, and the level of your insurance. In addition to the rehab center and the program attended, and more specific services received, the cost of drug and alcohol addiction treatment will also vary from person to person.

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Inpatient & Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Some insurance companies do not cover inpatient or outpatient programs, while others do. Many insurance companies will want to know what kind of treatment a person needs and how long they need to undergo treatment. Insurance companies are often believed to require participants to pay a copayment or deductible before they will contribute to the cost of treatment.

It is more common for insurance companies to cover inpatient treatment than outpatient treatment. However, this is not always the case, so the best thing to do is to speak with an insurance professional who can walk you through the specifics of your coverage and explain exactly how it works.

Treatment for Mental Health Conditions

Mental health and behavioral health problems are frequently associated with individuals who struggle with addiction. Dual diagnosis describes when people have two disorders that co-occur. Addiction and mental illness should be treated together, not separately, for those who suffer from both. Furthermore, rather than focusing only on addressing addiction or mental health, it is important that individuals enroll in programs that can address their addiction as well as their mental health.

People who are dealing with mental and behavioral health challenges can benefit from a dual diagnosis program. Furthermore, it aims to alleviate addictions and help individuals overcome substance abuse problems.

Many people who are seeking help for mental health concerns in addition to addiction may not know what options are available and how their insurance will help cover the costs. Having a difficult time finding answers to your questions and concerns can overwhelm you in this situation. But we can help you figure out how much you will have to pay out-of-pocket based on the details of your insurance information.

It is important to keep in mind that UMR is not an insurance company, and as such, it will not cover your medical expenses directly. In some cases, your health insurance may provide coverage for these expenses. The UMR can assist you in obtaining mental health coverage by negotiating a contract with your insurance company. Those who are in need of treatment can work with clients and insurance companies to obtain the best coverage possible.

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