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We Can Help You

You may be eligible for alternative sentencing to incarceration through a diversion program if you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony charges related to drug use in Orange County. These alternative sentencing programs often allow juveniles, first-time offenders, and low-level offenders to avoid their criminal convictions upon completing addiction treatment programs.

Alternative sentencing of drug court and pretrial drug diversion programs must be done by a certified drug program within the county. Finish Line Recovery’ Huntington Beach rehabs have licensed drug treatment centers in Orange County that have been deemed credible and effective by the county.

Finish Line Recovery Network can also refer you to top criminal justice consultants in the industry. We have been helping clients for close to 40 years and provide State-licensed residential treatment and Sheriff-approved sober living that helps save clients from incarceration and a damaging felony record.

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