Paying For Rehab With NYSHIP Insurance

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If you or a loved one are struggling with drug addiction and want to seek treatment, you probably want to find out which insurance will cover it. Find out here if the New York State Health Insurance Program” (NYSHIP) pays for rehab costs.

Know What's Covered in Your Insurance Plan

Substance use disorder is a type of brain disorder that has negative consequences involving social, financial, spiritual, emotional, and physical functions. However, with the right treatment, structure, accountability, and tools needed to combat drug and alcohol dependency, a person can overcome these disorders, no matter how long they have been struggling. 

Accidental drug overdose is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. among people under 45. In fact, each year 70,000 deaths occur from a drug overdose in America. 10 percent of adults in the U.S. will, at some point in life, have a drug use disorder. Of those, 75 percent will not receive treatment, which is often due to their insurance not covering rehab.

When seeking drug addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, knowing what is covered in your insurance plan helps ease some important concerns. Individuals with an NYSHIP insurance policy are covered to get treatment for drug disorders at any facility they choose. Many individuals struggling with addiction have received the best drug rehab services in New York without having to spend a lot of money out of pocket.


About The State Health Insurance Program in NY

NYSHIP is a unique Empire health insurance plan that was established in 1957, exclusively designed to provide public employers and employees in the state of New York with affordable world-class medical services.

After its launch, the organization began extending services to school districts and local governments. Today, over 800 government agencies use the preferred insurance provider. NYSHIP has built a reputation as a leader in U.S, health insurance programs for public employers.

It offers those eligible the option of choosing an NYSHIP HMO or the Empire Plan for health insurance coverage.

The plan provides over a million people with a wide range of state and government-level options that cover physician bills, hospital services, prescription drugs, and other medical expenses. Not to mention it also covers substance abuse and there are many drug rehab centers that accept NYSHIP for those struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. Finish Line Recovery are one of them.

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The Empire Plan Benefits

The Empire Plan has many options and benefits and it is accepted by numerous substance abuse treatment providers. The benefits of your health insurance plan depend on various factors including the severity of your addiction. With the Empire Plan, your inpatient drug rehab treatment includes individual counseling, daily group therapy, and more, which can last one to three months.

What’s Covered for Addiction Treatment Under NYSHIP?

Just like the standard Empire Plan, NYSHIP offers vast coverage for drug rehab. Depending on your specific plan, you may expect partial or full coverage for these rehab services, as long your needs are considered medical necessities: 

Inpatient Care Rehab Services

You are fully covered at any NYSHIP drug treatment center for an inpatient stay. Note: you are responsible for a coinsurance payment of 10% of your medical expenses until you reach the allowable maximum amount of your annual combined coinsurance. After meeting your annual combined maximum coinsurance, your benefits will take effect.  

Outpatient Rehab Services

Outpatient addiction rehab treatment gives you more freedom and usually is offered by NYSHIP addiction programs. Outpatient therapy treatment is great for those who finished a higher care level or aren’t suffering from chronic substance abuse.

Family Counseling Program

Addiction affects the whole family in more ways than one. Recognizing this, the Empire Plan offers family counseling coverage for up to twenty sessions a year.

Prescription Medications

Medications you are given as part of your inpatient rehab treatment or partial outpatient hospitalization option may be part of your NYSHIP drug rehab facility’s medication-assisted treatment plan.


Get the Rehab Care You Need to Combat Drug Addiction

Using insurance plans like NYSHIP can help lower your costs for drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. Reducing your financial burden can help put you on the path to recovery. Since addiction is classified as a chronic mental health illness, NYSHIP insurance can help cover the medical costs for those who want to overcome their afflictions.

Finish Line Recovery is an NYSHIP rehab facility that can help you battle and beat addiction. We take a solution-focused treatment approach to combat addiction and provide quality care for those covered under NYSHIP. Our staff is committed to helping you get through these rough times and will go through the many addiction options available to you while your insurance is being reviewed. 

Whether you require a quick detox, sober coaching, and aftercare, or long-term addiction treatment that includes several months of residential rehab, Finish Line Recovery can help.

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Our Treatment Process

The first step to take in a substance abuse treatment program is the detoxification process. This medically supervised process helps eliminate all the drugs from your body comfortably and safely. All our patients undergoing withdrawal symptoms at our facility are assured of intensive care and medical supervision.

Our compassionate and caring staff supports and monitors patients 24/7, so you won’t have to go through this alone. We use an on-site detox process to ease patients off substances before we start your residential treatment program. The location and method we use in our detox process depend on the following criteria:

We establish this information during your phone consultation or the intervention process and make the necessary arrangements before proceeding with detox. Your Intensive Track Counselor or Interventionist will go along with you to the detox facility and remain with you while you get settled in. All our clients will undergo a physical evaluation by a medical professional before the detox begins to accommodate particular circumstances. 

Get Help Today

As struggling with addiction is a severe health concern, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about asking for help. For eligible policyholders, NYSHIP drug rehab coverage is available for you when you need it.

Get help now at Finish Line Recovery. Our staff is dedicated to your treatment and future success. If you’re looking for treatment outside of California, search “drug rehab near me” to find assistance.

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