3 types of therapy
3 Types Of Therapy You Can Try Today For Substance Use Disorder There are many stereotypes about therapy and counseling. When you think about drug and alcohol treatment, you might picture yourself facing a therapist on an opposing couch, or sharing your worries and concerns in […]
benefits of being sober
The Benefits Of Being Sober You Should Know About There’s an outdated idea that getting sober means giving something up — saying goodbye to partying, excitement, fun, and excitement. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. When you give up drugs and alcohol, you’re opening […]
having fun clean & sober
Having Fun Clean And Sober!! People who have substance use disorders often have a million excuses for not wanting to get clean and sober. They may worry about disappearing friendships once they get clean, fear other people’s judgement, or they may not be able to face […]
what to know about nutrition and addiction
5 Important Things To Know About Nutrition & Addiction Drug or alcohol use takes a massive toll on your body. Drugs and alcohol can affect the way that your brain regulates neurotransmitters, and the health of your cardiovascular system. All too often, the impact of addiction […]