Active Recovery
Being Active In Recovery The people you surround yourself with may influence your recovery or hasten a relapse. The people that surround you are a reflection of yourself. When you leave treatment, you are no longer the person you once were, but are instead a brand […]
Sober Living
Why Choose A Sober Living Facility? While many may be familiar with the detox and initial stage of the recovery treatment process.  A phase which sees people receiving extensive psychotherapy and counseling, participating in group activities and learning important life skills that help form a foundation […]
Staying in Recovery Sober Living
Staying In Recovery Recovery gives us the ability and skills to deal with the “normal” issues we face in life: loss of loved ones, loss of relationships, empty nesting, career changes, physical impairment, and grieving. Recovery is a process not an event. Life is a continuum […]
addiction and your brain
Addiction & Your Brain If you’re of a certain age, you probably are familiar with the famous “This is your brain on drugs” commercial about drug abuse and addiction. In the 30-second spot that aired in the 90s, a man holds up an egg (“This is […]